Email Marketing Course

About Email Marketing Course in Ahmedabad

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to reach bulk consumers directly through EMS system. In which we are getting attention of the users via email.

How it is useful?

This course will train learners in formulating and executing email campaigns for all purposes, including sales, promotions, brand building, and credibility building. It will lead to generate a higher number of email subscribers

Course curriculum

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Understanding to the depth and need
  • Contact Management and segmentation
  • Essentials of email deliverability
  • Email design and functionality
  • Email campaign and Email analytics
  • Email optimization and testing

Email Marketing course leads to

  • This course is designed to transform learners into email marketing expert.
  • Expertise in the art of sending mass emails to a selected group of people who are searching for the product you are selling
  • In-depth knowledge of email marketing to attract buyers at a larger scale
  • Develop skills and understanding of how to market a business through an email marketing platform
  • learn to drive more traffic, visibility and awareness of a brand or product

What after the course?

  • This will help you in developing an email marketing strategy that delivers quantifiable business results
  • Expertise in how to build your own email list and email campaigns

JobPlacement Company

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